Recent Jobs

Wire Saw Performance!

How do you cut 700mm of concrete with no footing underneath you?

A Husqvarna Wire Saw from Bay Hire is the answer!

Here it is making quick work of this 10 tonne block of concrete so it can be removed!

Bay Hire Never Stops!

Over the silly season, Bay Hire was still plugging away. Only closing on Christmas Day!


Here we can see Phil, one of our Diamond Cutters, doing a soft cut job at Woolworths in New Norfolk!

This ensures the concrete wont crack over time and greatly increases it durability! 

New Floor Saw Available!

Meet our new toy!

This Husqvarna FS7000 Floor saw has been shipped to us direct from the US.

It offers us a three speed option which gives us more control and the ability to acheive a deeper and quicker cut than ever before!

Inquire at Bay Hire today!!

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State of the art concrete Handsaws

Bay Hire has all of the equipment you need for your concrete cutting jobs. Handsaws up to 150mm, Ringsaws up to 270mm and our brand new Dragon saw that cuts up to 470mm deep! Only available at Bay Hire!


Wood Splitter makes short work!

Got wood?

We were sent this photo by a very happy customer today!

Log Splitters are $99.00 a day and make very light work of splitting wood.


New Concrete Grinder Available!

This is Phil, one of our trained, accredited diamond Cutters. He is using one of our new three phase concrete grinders at North Gate shopping centre. Inquire today about your next project!


Jordan River Bridge

BAY HIRE solved a problem for Vec Theiss, on the Jordan River Bridge Project using the New High Frequency Wire Saw. Which is only available in Tasmania from Bay Hire.